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Grooming Services

Bath Spa - $55

This 45-minute spa package is specially designed for your pet's skin. It includes a personalized shampoo, a soothing conditioner, a gentle facial scrub, a hand dry with chamois, forced air and fluff dry, teeth brushing, a nail trimming and buffing, an ear cleaning, a de-shedding treatment, a paw pad trim, a sanitary area trim, a leave-in conditioner, a spritz of pet cologne, and an accessory. Please note that extra time will result in additional charges.

Mini Spa - $40

This 25-minute spa session encompasses teeth brushing, nail trimming and buffing, ear cleaning, a light brushing or de-shedding, paw pad trimming, pet cologne, and a stylish accessory. Please note that any additional time will result in extra charges.

We wholeheartedly welcome cats too!

Pedi Spa - $25

This 15-minute spa package entails trimmed and buffed nails, a spritz of pet cologne, and an accessory. Note that extra time will incur extra charges.

We warmly welcome cats!

Grooming Spa - $75

This 60-minute spa package offers customized shampoo and conditioner, a gentle facial, hand drying, force air and fluff drying, trimming and buffing of nails, ear cleaning, de-shedding, paw pad and sanitary area trimming, leave-in conditioner treatment, pet cologne, and an accessory. The package also includes a full haircut tailored to your preferences and your furry friend's specific requirements. However, additional charges may apply if the session exceeds the designated time limit.

Pet Sitting Services

Kitty Drop-in - $25

Do you have a timid feline who simply requires their food and water replenished and their litter box cleaned? This service offers a brief 10-15 minute visit for cats, during which we will handle minor cat-related tasks such as tidying up litter boxes, replacing potty pads, wiping up messes, rinsing water bowls, refilling food bowls, and even playing with your furry friend.

Kritter Kare - $25

We adore animals with fur, fins, feathers, and scales equally! This service caters to pets other than dogs and cats and consists of a 15-minute visit where we perform small pet-related tasks such as changing potty pads, cleaning messes, rinsing water bowls, filling food bowls, and playing with pets.

Kitty Visit - $40

We will make sure your kitty is loved and well cared for! Rest assured that your feline friend will receive ample love and care from us! Our service entails a 25-minute visit where we attend to small cat-related tasks such as cleaning litter boxes, changing potty pads, tidying up any messes, rinsing water bowls, and filling up food bowls. Moreover, we allocate extra time within the 25-minute visit to snuggle and play with your beloved pet.

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