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Adopt a Less-Adoptable Week - Sept 16-22

The third week of September (16-22) is known as Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week. It was started by to raise awareness to pets that have been overlooked in shelters and rescue groups for being “undesirable”, “imperfect” or different. If you are looking to add a member to your family, please consider adopting a less-adoptable pet. They will enrich your life as much or more as a puppy, kitten or purebred. Plus, you will be more of a hero to save a needier life!

Senior Pets are the most overlooked as people want to adopt a younger animal thinking that older animals will need more medical care or can’t be taught new things. But in fact adopting a senior animal is easier and cheaper! You don’t have to worry about as much messes, chewing, bad manners, or too much energy. If you continue regular vet check-ups and a good diet a senior pet is not likely to need a lot of medical care. A senior pet is one of the EASIEST pets to care for and to love.

Here is an amazing rescue to reach out to if you want to provide a loving home for a dog in her/his golden years!

Pets with a physical disability or a chronic illness are typically overlooked because people are worried about having to spend a lot of time, money and effort in caring for them. In a lot of cases, like pets missing limbs or eyes, don’t require any more time, money or effort than any other pet. Some pets with special needs may only need to take medication daily and see a vet every so often to check their condition. If you’re willing and able to give a special needs dog or cat a home, you can count on having a loyal and loving pet.

A lot of pets are overlooked simply because of breed or color. These pets are generally healthy and can be happy and loving but since they are not “cute” or “could be aggressive” they are passed by. There is a phenomenon called Black Dog Syndrome or Big Black Dog Syndrome. The bias stems from a lot of things, mainly how big and dark dogs are portrayed in media as aggressive. Black cats have a hard time getting adopted as they are common and they have a misfortune of being labeled as a symbol of evil, misfortune and are a target of superstition. Another problem black animals have is they are hard to photograph. Lighter and more colorful animals have an advantage with potential adopters as they browse websites and looking at shelters. Also tabby colored cats are often over looked as there are so many and it’s a common color and pattern. Certain dog breeds are overlooked simply because of breed and the stigma associated with the breed. “Bully” breeds such as Pit Bulls, Pit mixes, Rottweilers, Boxers, Mastiffs, Bullies, Bulldogs etc tend to have much longer waits in shelters and rescues. People avoid adopting these dogs due to misconceptions about behavior and temperament. Despite having a reputation of being aggressive or even dangerous, these breeds can be very gentle, animal and child friendly, super affectionate, smart and trainable, typically very food motivated and a great companion that appreciated a loving home.

Just like adopting any pet, make sure you fine a pet that fits your living situation, lifestyle and household dynamic. There is a perfect shelter pet for your family just waiting to come home with you! Don’t over look the often overlooked, you may be missing out on your pet soulmate!!


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