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Due to COVID-19

Kirstin's Kritter Kare is not taking new clients at this time.

I will continue to serve high quality care to my current clients. 

Thank you and I wish you all the best of health.

Professional Pet Care

I am a professional dog walker and pet care provider servicing several neighborhoods in Richardson and Dallas located in the Greenwood Hills neighborhood. I am fully insured and bonded through Pet Sitter Associates, LLC.

New clients are offered a FREE Meet & Greet and 20 minute walk.

I have a passion for animals and have a natural talent in reading and understand animal behavior. I am a small business owner and full-time mom of a 8 year old boy. I have plenty of time while he’s in school and the patience to help my clients with their furry family member. I have experience with volunteering at several animal shelters walking and helping with training of dogs and socialization of cats. I have met hundreds of dogs and haven't had a single dog not like me. I have completed over a thousand walks and hundreds of visits. I can help with more than just dogs! I LOVE all animals and willing to help with all species and breeds. I do not discriminate with any breed.



The Kritter Kare Pack

The Kritter Kare Clowder

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